Rhode Island Postal Stationery 
Stationery - Postal Cards and Stamped Envelopes

Postal Stationery is another fascinating area of Philatelic study. Postal Stationery includes USPS issued postal cards, stamped envelopes and wrappers, and embossed envelopes. 
In our study of Rhode Island Philatelic history, I have included USPS issued Postal Cards, USPS issued Stamped Envelopes and stamped or embossed Envelopes with RI Postmarks.

POSTAL Stationery I

R.I. Postal Cards
First Day of Issue 

Includes 93 Card set of 1986
"Settling of Rhode Island"
Town Cancels
POSTAL Stationery II

America's Cup
Newport, Rhode Island
First Day of Issue

POSTAL Stationery III

Stamped Envelopes
& Penny Post Cards
with RI Cancels

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