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Stamp and Philatelic Related Web-Sites

This is a short list of Philatelic related web-sites; not an attempt to capture all of them.. There are already several websites on the internet that have compiled complete lists of Philatelic related sites. I am only listing Joe Luft's site in this category, as it is the most complete list available. Philatelic Organizations and Associations are listed at Postal History Primer - Philatelic Associations.

The Virtual Stamp Club 

The Virtual Stamp Club is an on-line philatelic newspaper or magazine organized and run by Lloyd de Vries; assisted by Ada Prill, Ed Ozmun, Foster Miller, and several other stamp collectors.  The website contains a great online chat section and an active Letters to the Editor section. The club's forum includes news, information, opinions, and advice.

Joe Luft's Philatelic Resources on the Web 

Joe Luft's Website is without a doubt, the most complete and up-to-date list of Philatelic websites currently available. Joe has over 4214 individual websites listed and more added every week. If you are an aspiring Philatelic Website designer; you can also request that Joe add you to his list.

Stamps Net 

Stamps Net is the oldest online Philatelic Magazine. The website contains a wealth of stamp collecting information, including up-to-date news, histories, stamp articles and much more. Well worth the visit.


AskPhil (short for "Philately," or stamp collecting) is provided as a service to offer general answers to questions about stamp collecting. They promise to do their best to provide informative replies to as many questions as possible. The site contains a Resource Library, which may provide answers immediately. You can send your question to AskPhil by clicking this e-mail link here or on their page. A wonderful resource for new collectors

1847 USA (U.S. Stamps) 

This website is an essential resource for the Postal History collector. The site contains information on all U.S. stamps by year and includes sections on hard to identify stamps, the Washington/Franklin issues, Secret Marks, Paper Types, etc. 1847 USA was awarded the Grand Prix d'Honneur Gold Medal as the best Philatelic Website of 2003.

Eric Jackson's Revenue Stamps 

Revenue Stamps is a commercial offering, however if you collect Revenue stamps, there is no better information resource on the net than Eric's site. The website contains information on all of the different types of issues and includes sales of revenue stamps and literature.

Philatelic Net 

Philatelic.Net is the largest and oldest live e-mail network for philatelists on the Internet. They have over 175,000 members in more than 90 countries and the site includes a Live as it happens mode, as well as a daily digest. The Website also includes a List of Postal Authorities on the internet. 

United States Postal Service - Postal Store Online 

The USPS maintains an online store for those of you, who prefer to purchase current issues and postal products directly. The Website also includes an Index of Released Stamp Issues - 1997 to 2004.

Amos Advantage - Scott Stamps 

The Publishers of Scott's Catalogues and other Philatelic material have an excellent Web-site. Their prices are quite reasonable and they carry a complete line of catalogues, albums and stamp supplies. They also are the publisher of Linn's Stamp Weekly, which includes both paper and online subscriptions.

The National Postal Museum (U.S.) 

The National Postal Museum is a part of the Smithsonian Museum system and is located in the old Post Office building next to Union Station in Washington, D.C. The Website contains collections, exhibits, a store, and links to other country postal museums.

Introduction//Stamp Types//Collection Types//Getting Started//Associations

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